An essential part of training: taking a break

Given that it’s summer and most of the civilized world has the ability to take time off with family and friends, I thought it would be a good time to remind you to do the same. Many of us who work a lot (and enjoy it) need to be reminded that work is not an […]

How’s the relationship of your training and your goals working out?

A few months back I suggested you have a goal in mind for your training. Over 20+ years of teaching martial arts and 10+ of teaching strength, I’ve found that students with specific goals always make the best progress. This is not earth shattering information, but even though it’s plainly evident I often find that […]

Practice makes…

Everyone is familiar with the statement “Practice makes perfect.” Ahhhh, if only this were true. In reality, as my good friend, mentor and world renowned MMA coach Greg Nelson has said for years, “Practice makes HABIT.” Whatever you do repeatedly will become your habit. Good or bad. So you must practice every movement with a […]

Training while injured

Injuries are an unfortunate part of the training cycle. Even with the best program and technique, you will eventually get hurt. Hopefully it will be minor, but sometimes it will be significant. As upsetting as serious injuries are, they make the healing process very clear because neither crutches nor a sling allow for much in […]

Life doesn’t always offer perfect leverage.

I spent last week at my brother’s homestead outside Providence, Rhode Island. He and his wife have a beautiful little spot with 5 acres, nut trees, fruit trees, berry bushes, chickens, pigs and (soon) a steer. He worked his butt off for years and decided to retire from his previous line of work and live […]

What are you training for???

I know you like to lift. So do I. But what exactly are you training for? Are you trying to hit a specific load with your dead lift? Are you trying to get in shape for an endurance event? Or maybe a martial arts competition. Maybe, like me, you want to tame the “Beast” (that’s […]

Always be smarter than the kettlebell.

I wrote “The Martial Arts / Kettlebell Connection” back in 2010 for Black Belt Magazine. When I signed copies for people I always wrote something I had been telling my students for a while, “Always be smarter than the kettlebell!” I found this a funny way for me to get across to people the importance […]

To Paleo or not to Paleo?

In my opinion, diet is the single most powerful element of training to affect body composition. You won’t get “fit” from eating a specific diet and yes you need to move and lift in order to build strength and cardiovascular conditioning but diet is the key to reach your body composition goals. Most of my […]

Get comfortable being uncomfortable. Is it possible?

There is probably a finite amount of wisdom accessible to humans. I mean it’s a large amount but it’s more than likely finite. I’m guessing this is why there are so many different ways of saying something. For example, my Wing Chun instructor Sifu Francis Fong has a great saying regarding fighting, “There is no […]

Is having Purell everywhere really that good an idea?

No matter where you go these days there seems to be some kind of Purell (or similar product) dispenser because God forbid I get my cappuccino without eradicating every germ on my hands. My students are familiar with my “caveman filter.” No, this does not mean I’m a caveman, though that wouldn’t really bother me. […]